8 Channel Mouse Volume Array

8 Channel Mouse Volume Array


▪ 8 channel mouse whole body array
▪ 2 x 4 coil elements
▪ receive only, actively decoupled
▪ integrated preamplifiers
▪ covering a FoV of 8 cm length
▪ supports parallel imaging methods such as SENSE or GRAPPA
▪ volume transmit with body coil
▪ animal support with integrated anaesthesia mask and bite bar included
▪ for 1.5T and 3T MR systems
▪ housing dimensions: ID 35 mm, OD 119 mm, array length 80 mm
▪ individually adaptable to different MR systems

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No Medical Device! Caution – The use of the devices described above is limited to investigational use on laboratory animals or other tests that do not involve human subjects.

Image Courtesy:

Whole body mouse at 3 T

Image curtesy: Herbert Reinl, Klinische Radiologie Großhadern, Universität München, Germany


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D. Kokorin, M. Haas, M. Zaitsev: Multi-Slice Parallel Excitation Reduced FOV Imaging for Rodent EPI Applications.
ISMRM Stockholm, ePoster #4916 (2010)
with RAPID Biomedical 8-channel mouse array # P-H08L-094-00830-001


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