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RAPID Biomedical is also engaged in OEM products. These coils have been specifically developed to the needs of the MR system manufacturers such as GE, Philips or Siemens. All OEM coils are distributed exclusively through the MR system manufacturer.

The latest NEWS:
31P/1H dual tuned surface coil and 32-channel sodium head array for Siemens MAGNETOM TERRA 7 T MR systems have received 510k clearance.

In the recent past we have added the P-140-Flex Coil, a flexible loop coil for 31P spectroscopy on the Philips 3 T MR systems. This coil is also 510k approved and has New Class II Medical Device License for Canada. Further information on this coil can be requested from your local Philips contact.

The 16Ch Diagnostic Breast Coils for GE 1.5 T and 3 T MR systems also have approval of 510k for the U.S. and New Class II Medical Device License for Canada. Please contact your local GE representative for further information.
One of the first examples of these developments is our 16 channel breast array solution. This has been done in cooperation with Siemens Healthcare and Noras MRI products. Please ask your local Siemens contact for further information.
We also manufactured different designs of interventional head coils for various vendors.
Are you thinking about using our expertise for your product line? Please contact us!