Interventional Head Coils

Interventional Head Coils


▪ multi channel arrays for human head imaging
▪ 5 – 8 receive channels
▪ supporting parallel imaging techniques
▪ open access for interventional or stimulating devices
▪ for 1.5T and 3T MR systems

Some of these coils are available as a package with the interventional device through our collaborating partners. Others are individually adaptable to different MR systems and can be ordered at RAPID Biomedical directly. Please contact us to determine the best solution for your application / study.

For a quotation on these coils please contact us.

Regulatory requirements for medical devices will vary by country and MR system.
Please, contact us at or (USA, Canada, and
South America) to determine approval status for products mentioned on this page.


Download information about Interventional Head Coils as PDF .


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