Call for Publications 2018

Call for Publications – 3rd Campaign

“Let Your Publication Perform Twice!“

Rules and Regulations to qualify for a lottery ticket

When does the campaign start?


What can I win?

The prize is either an iPad, an iPhone or an Android device of equal value of your choice.

Where should I send my contribution?

Please send it to and/or bring it to the ISMRM/ESMRMB for an extra winning chance*

How should the subject heading read?

Please start the subject heading with the word “publication”

What information must my transmittal contain?

  • The product number of the RAPID Biomedical coil or – if not easily traceable – a description of the sourcing track and/or the coil design.
  • A pdf-file if your contribution was published in a journal.
  • A pdf-file plus name, date and place of the meeting and the abstract number in case it was an oral presentation, a poster or an E-poster during a meeting.

Can I send a publication if I am not the author?

Yes, as long as you are named as co-author.

Can I send the same publication even my co-authors have sent the same?

Yes. Every sender gets a lottery ticket with equal rights – no matter of the order of receipt, no matter if author or co- author.

Can I send different publications with the same coil?

Yes. You can send as many different publications with the same coil as are available. Each publication will get a lottery ticket with equal rights.

Can I send publications that had been sent in for the earlier campaigns 2014 or 2016?

No. We will only accept publications that haven’t been contributed in an earlier campaign.

What is the benefit for RAPID Biomedical in this campaign?

Most of the RAPID Biomedical MR coils are used for scientific studies and consequentially are playing a part in scientific publications. On the other hand potential customers often ask for performance data of our products. RAPID Biomedical’s benefit of this campaign is to bring these two facts together by answering those requests with the information about the publications. By sending the publication you declare your agreement that RAPID Biomedical and RAPID MR International may use the information contained herein for marketing reasons e.g. reference for potential customers and on printed or online product information.

When does the campaign end?

On November 23rd, 2018 at 12 a.m. CET

When will the winner be announced?

The drawing will take place the same day. We will announce the winner via electronic mailing in early December.

* What’s special for RAPID’s anniversary this year?

We will have an extra drawing with special prizes at the ISMRM/ESMRMB in Paris for all those who distribute their publication via E-mail or at our booth (either on paper or via USB stick).
You will also take part in the final drawing.

What’s left to say?
Thank you for your contribution and Good Luck!

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